Quest International will replace or service the defective AlphaView monitor utilizing our industry-leading 5 Year Warranty Program. The 5 year warranty period commences on the original shipping date of the unit from Quest International, or an authorized Quest International / AlphaView distributor or reseller.

The first year of this warranty period is covered under an Advanced Exchange Program.
Years 2 through 5 of the Limited Warranty are covered under a Depot Service Program.

This warranty is valid only for the first consumer purchaser and it not transferable.

Advanced Exchange Program:

  • To obtain warranty service during the warranty period’s first year, contact Quest’s Technical Support 800.231.6777. The customer must have the AlphaView model #, serial # and purchase date or original proof-of-purchase ready;
  • Quest’s technical support representatives will attempt to correct any minor issues that might be causing the product failure. If the technical support representative is unable to resolve the reported issue over the telephone, a return material authorization (RMA) number will be issued;
  • Calls processed by 3 PM (Pacific Time), where the product is determined to be defective, will be issued an Advanced Exchange unit. Under this option, Quest International ships the customer an Advanced Exchange unit first;
  • At Quest International’s sole discretion, the Advanced Exchange unit will be a new or refurbished unit that is equivalent in performance and reliability;
  • A major credit card may be required in order to secure the value of the advanced replacement unit. (The customer will have 10 business days from the date of shipment of the replacement unit to return the defective unit to Quest’s return facility;
  • The Advanced Exchange unit will be shipped by Quest International with Next Business Day delivery. Advanced Exchange unit shipping charges in the US are prepaid by Quest International. Shipping to Canada may require more than one day due to customs. Inbound shipping of the defective unit is the responsibility of the customer;
  • Remove any accessory items, cables, manuals and options. Quest will not be responsible for hardware sent in with an exchanged unit. It is the responsibility of the customer to properly package the return product and ship it to the address provided by the technical service representative. Please note that the customer will be held solely responsible for shipping damage that occurs due to the use of any packaging material other than the standard Quest International packaging. If feasible, please utilize the advanced replacement’s packaging for the return monitor or call Technical Support at 800.231.6777 to obtain proper packaging;
  • The customer is responsible for the freight of the unit being returned. As long as Quest International receives the defective unit back within 10 business days, in good physical condition, the credit card will not be charged;
  • The RMA number must be prominently displayed. Failure to obtain an authorized RMA number or to clearly label the return product may result in the refusal of the shipment at your expense;
  • At Quest International’s sole discretion, the customer may be charged for returned units deemed functional, or for returned units with only customer-caused damage;
  • The Advanced Exchange unit will assume the remainder of your original product’s warranty or 30 days, whichever is greater. The Customer agrees to retain the Advanced Exchange unit and that the Customer’s non-working unit becomes the property of Quest International.

Warranty Limitations and Exclusions regarding AlphaView Displays

  • Quest is unable to deliver to PO Box and FPO Box addresses.
  • The customer must provide original proof of purchase for the AlphaView display.
  • Any product with a defaced, modified, or removed serial number.
  • Any product with damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from:
    1. Accident, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning, or other acts of nature, unauthorized product modification, or failure to follow instructions supplied with the product;
    2. Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by Quest International;
    3. Any damage of the product due to shipment;
    4. Removal or installation of the product;
    5. Causes external to the product, such as electric power fluctuations or failure;
    6. Use of supplies or parts not meeting Quest’s specifications;
    7. Normal wear and tear, including backlights dimming over time;
    8. Any other cause, which does not relate to a product defect;
    9. Use of the display outside of the Calibrated Luminance recommendations or Display Hours;
    10. Removal, installation, and set-up service charges.

Depot Warranty (Years 2 through 5) Return Procedure:

Here is the simple procedure to follow if you have a non-functioning AlphaView display and the first year of the warranty period has passed.

Quest’s customer-service staff will attempt to correct any minor issues that may be causing the problem. Once Quest has determined the customer has a non-functioning product, Quest will arrange for return and repair of the non-functioning product.

  • Contact Quest’s Technical Support 800.231.6777. If the technical support representative is unable to resolve the reported issue over the telephone, a return material authorization (RMA) number will be issued;
  • The customer must have the AlphaView model #, serial # and purchase date or original proof-of-purchase ready;
  • Customer will need to return the product (as specified) to Quest International. The customer is responsible for the freight charges of the unit being returned;
  • Quest will validate the defect, repair the unit, and return the unit to the customer. Quest’s typical repair turn-around time is 5-7 business days;
  • Quest International is responsible for the return freight (standard Ground) of the repaired unit being returned to the customer.