Irvine, CA – February 18, 2016 – Quest International, a leading supplier of field service support and depot maintenance of Information Technology (IT) hardware products, Operating System (OS) support, and a wide variety of professional and managed services — is now offering warranty extensions and hardware maintenance for NetApp equipment. Quest International enables users of NetApp equipment to maximize their Return on Investment by managing the cost of ownership with a NetApp extended warranty. With Quest, you can extend the service life of your hardware with a NetApp warranty extension or maintenance contract — and achieve significant savings over the OEM’s extended warranty contract.

NetApp Warranty Value Add
Quest International provides an end-to-end life-cycle solution for all your NetApp hardware warranty needs. As an Authorized NetApp Technology Partner, Quest can assist in the selection, deployment, service and maintenance (both in and out-of-warranty) as well as provide end-of-life services to continue support until you are ready to refresh your NetApp hardware environment.

NetApp Supported Hardware

NetApp F Series Description
F720 NetApp F720 Base Filer
F740 NetApp F740 Base Filer
F760 NetApp F760 Base Filer
F810 NetApp F810 Base Filer
F810c NetApp F810 Base Filer Clustered
F820 NetApp F820 Base Filer
F820c NetApp F820 Base Filer Clustered
F825 NetApp F825 Base Filer
F825C NetApp F825 Base Filer Clustered
F840 NetApp F840 Base Filer
F840C NetApp F840 Base Filer Clustered
F85 NetApp F85 Base Filer
F87 NetApp F87 Base Filer
F880 NetApp F880 Base Filer
F880c NetApp F880 Base Filer Clustered
NetApp FAS Series Description
FAS 920 NetApp FAS920 Base Filer
FAS 940 NetApp FAS940 Base Filer
FAS 960 NetApp FAS960 Base Filer
FAS 960C NetApp FAS960 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 250 NetApp FAS250 Base Filer
FAS 270 NetApp FAS270 Base Filer
FAS 270C NetApp FAS270 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 2020 NetApp FAS2020 Base Filer
FAS 2020C NetApp FAS2020 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 2040 NetApp FAS2040 Base Filer
FAS 2040C NetApp FAS2040 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 2050 NetApp FAS2050 Base Filer
FAS 2050C NetApp FAS2050 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 3020 NetApp FAS3020 Base Filer
FAS 3020C NetApp FAS3020 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 3040 NetApp FAS3040 Base Filer
FAS 3040C NetApp FAS3040 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 3050 NetApp FAS3050 Base Filer
FAS 3050C NetApp FAS3050c Base Filer Clustered
FAS 3140 NetApp FAS3140 Base Filer
FAS 3140C NetApp FAS3140 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 3160 NetApp FAS3140 Base Filer
FAS 3160C NetApp FAS3140 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 3170 NetApp FAS3170 Base Filer
FAS 3170C NetApp FAS3170 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 3070 NetApp FAS3070 Base Filer
FAS 3070C NetApp FAS3070 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 6030 NetApp FAS6030 Base Filer
FAS 6030C NetApp FAS6030 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 6040 NetApp FAS6040 Base Filer
FAS 6040C NetApp FAS6040 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 6070 NetApp FAS6070 Base Filer
FAS 6070C NetApp FAS6070 Base Filer Clustered
FAS 6080 NetApp FAS6080 Base Filer
FAS 6080C NetApp FAS6080 Base Filer
R150 NetApp R150 NearStore
R200 NetApp R200 NearStore
IBM Branded N Series Machine Type
N3300 2859-A10/A20
N3600 2862-A10/A20
N3700 2863-A10/A20
N5200 2864-A10/A20
N5300 2869-A10/A20
N5500 2865-A10/A20
N5600 2868-A10/A20
N6040 2858-A10/A20
N6060 2858-A12/A22
N6070 2858-A11/A21
N7600 2866-A10/A20
N7700 2866-A11/A21
N7800 2867-A10/A20
N7900 2867-A11/A21

 *Not all supported hardware types are listed