Quest has the manpower to manage your NetApp service requirements. Our staff consists of Technical Specialists, Customer Engineers and support staff. Software supported NetApp products include: F Series, R Series, GF Series, FAS 200 Series, FAS 900 Series, FAS 3000 Series, and most V3000 models. Quest NetApp maintenance solutions allow you to extend your equipments serviceability years beyond OEM stated end of life, producing a far more favorable Return on Investment (ROI) with no loss of service integrity. Quest International has been integrating substantial cost saving with the most comprehensive service delivery in the industry.

Quest’s Software Support for NetApp is tiered so a customer can choose the level of support best suited to their environment

  • Basic Software Support
  • Tier 2 Software Support
  • Tier 3 Software Support

Support is provided for installation, configuration,use and tuning. Helpdesk support for the application of patches and updates obtained by the customer is also provided.

Basic software support includes helpdesk support for installation, configuration and use of the following:

  • CFIS Setup
  • Aggregate / volume creation
  • Aggregate / volume deletion
  • NFS setup
  • CFIS share creation
  • NFS share creation
  • Cluster takeover / giveback
  • Snapshot creation
  • Update disk firmware
  • Update module firmware
  • Use of NDMP service
  • Network interface configuration
  • VIF configuration
  • Set / update time zone information

Tier 2 software support includes helpdesk support for installation, configuration and use of the following:

  • LUN Creation, Mapping, Expansion & Cloning
  • SnapDrive use / troubleshooting
  • SnapManager use / troubleshooting
  • CIFS troubleshooting
  • NFS troubleshooting
  • Forgotten root password reset
  • Cluster troubleshooting
  • Use of the 1-5 menu
  • Use of the extended support (22/7) menus
  • Initial filer setup
  • Snapshot management and access
  • SnapMirror creation / management / troubleshooting
  • NDMP troubleshooting
  • Network troubleshooting
  • VIF troubleshooting
  • Update of filer configuration
  • SnapVault usage / troubleshooting
  • VFILER operations / troubleshooting


  • Bugs
  • Patches
  • Core analysis

Supported NetApp Products
Network Appliance products maintained include: F Series, R Series, GF Series, FAS 200 Series, FAS 900 Series, FAS 3000 Series — and most V3000 models. *Partial list of supported equipment NetApp Hardware Support Services Provided by Quest International for NetApp storage solutions.

  • NetApp Installation and Configuration
  • NetApp Maintenance and Support 24 x 7
  • Storage Professional Services

One Source for your Host & Storage Needs In addition to providing support and services on NetApp product, Quest also provides support of Host Systems like EMC, HP, SUN Oracle, IBM, Hitachi and Dell. Quest Technical Personnel All Service Engineers are trained, certified and experienced in the repair, maintenance and operation of NetApp Disk Arrays. Quest Product Specialists (QPS) provide 24 x 7 phone support to both customers and Quest Customer Engineers (CE). QPS personnel are knowledgeable on all NetApp family arrays and models. The QPS group also provides the highest level of technical support on-site as well as professional services such as operations training, storage capacity analysis, hardware support and NetApp software installation and services.

Customer Contact
The customer initiates a Request For Service (RFS) or a Quest product specialist will notify the customer about the Call Home event via Quest’s online service portal, QuestNet.

Knowledge Base
Quest has assembled an exhaustive database of error codes and resolutions, and maintenance action plans for all Technicians and NetApp Product Specialist. This is in the form of an intelligently self building database of various known resolutions to known problems.

System Firmware Upgrades
Quest, on behalf of the customer, can schedule firmware upgrades from NetApp. Quest will keep the customer informed about any known issues for a particular firmware revision level.

Spare Parts
Quest will provide a spares kit that is compatible with the existing configuration at each customer location. This information will be obtained by a site audit prior to shipment of the spares. The spares kit will be replenished immediately upon use of any device in the spares pool. Quest has service depots located globally for timely resolution in the event of a system failure.

Maintenance Plans Available

  • Premium: 24 x 7 x 4
  • Basic: 9 x 5 x NBD

Quest International enables users of NetApp data storage equipment to maximize their return on investment by managing the cost of ownership beyond the OEM warranty period. In the past, restrictive service pricing may have put serious constraints on your ability to get the maximum value out of the systems you are currently using. You may have even been forced into refreshing your technology before you’re ready. But now you can take advantage of Quest’s NetApp service solution, maximize your return on investment, and use your financial resources more effectively. With the Quest NetApp Support Plan you will be entitled to a great wealth of knowledge and support from our highly trained IT Experts. Click here to view a PDF brochure.

One of the great things with high availability storage products is the ability to replace failed components without interruption, and replacing all major components in a fully concurrent manner.

When you have a problem, knowing that you have the highest quality support staff resolving your issues lets you sleep at night. At Quest, we have that level of quality support. The average experience of our support engineers is 15 years, and they are supported with sophisticated tools and comprehensive databases. Detailed error analysis and sense byte deciphering is performed every time a machine calls home. Our support staff also has access to a very comprehensive knowledge base that not only maintains historical data of all failures, but also produces a detailed action plan for onsite technicians or support staff to follow.

Whether you require technical support via phone or onsite, Quest is always available and will respond quickly to ensure your system is fully operational in the shortest time possible. Quest IT support is further augmented by the most comprehensive parts sparing program in the industry. Quest provides a fully automated fault analysis function that provides a preemptive and proactive service strategy. When a new event occurs, it is first filtered to eliminate erroneous events and then sent with the associated logs to the Host Support System. Problems are often identified, diagnosed, and repaired without any impact or degradation to your operations.