Irvine, CA – November 18, 2015 – Quest International, a leading supplier of on-site support and depot maintenance of Information Technology (IT) hardware products, Operating System (OS) support, and a wide variety of professional and managed services — is now offering warranty extensions and hardware maintenance for IBM equipment. Quest International enables users of IBM IT hardware to maximize their Return on Investment by lowering the cost of ownership with an IBM extended warranty. With Quest, you can extend the service life of your hardware with a IBM warranty extension or maintenance contract — and achieve substantial savings over the OEM’s extended warranty contract.

IBM Warranty Value Add
Quest International provides an end-to-end life-cycle solution for all your IBM hardware support and warranty needs. As an Authorized IBM Technology Partner, Quest can assist in the selection, deployment, service and maintenance (both in and out-of-warranty) as well as provide end-of-life services to continue support until you are ready to refresh your IBM hardware environment.

IBM Products Supported

IBM xSeries 205
IBM xSeries 225
IBM xSeries 235
IBM xSeries 100
IBM xSeries 3500
IBM xSeries 3800

IBM iSeries Power6 Family
IBM iSeries i570 (9406) IBM iSeries i520 (9408) IBM iSeries i520 (9407)
IBM iSeries i550 (9409)

IBM iSeries i5 Family
IBM iSeries i595 (9406) IBM iSeries i550 (9406) IBM iSeries i515 (9407)
IBM iSeries i570 (9406) IBM iSeries i520 (9406)

IBM PSeries Power6 Family
IBM pSeries p595 (9119) IBM pSeries p550 (8204) IBM pSeries p520 (8203)
IBM pSeries p570 (9117)

IBM PSeries Power5+ and Power5 Family
IBM pSeries p595 (9119) IBM pSeries p55A (9133) IBM pSeries p51A (9110)
IBM pSeries p590 (9119) IBM pSeries p52A (9131) IBM pSeries p510 (9110)
IBM pSeries p570 (9117) IBM pSeries p550 (9113) IBM pSeries p505 (9115)
IBM pSeries p560Q (9116) IBM pSeries p520 (9111)

IBM zSeries Maintenance
IBM z10 BC (IBM 2098) IBM z9 EC (IBM 2094) IBM z800 (IBM 2066)
IBM z10 EC (IBM 2097) IBM z990 (IBM 2084) IBM z900 (IBM 2064)
IBM z9 BC (IBM 2096) IBM z890 (IBM 2086)

IBM Shark Storage Products
IBM ESS Shark Platform IBM ESS SharkDescription
IBM ESS Shark 2105 Model F20 IBM Enterprise Storage Server 2105 Model F20
IBM ESS Shark 2105 Model 750 IBM Enterprise Storage Server 2105 Model 750
IBM ESS Shark 2105 Model 800 IBM Enterprise Storage Server 2105 Model 800

IBM DS 3000 Storage Products
IBM DS3000 Platform IBM DS3000 Description
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC2 IBM DS3200 1726 Model HC2
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC3 IBM DS3200 1726 Model HC3
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC6 IBM DS3200 1726 Model HC6
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC8 IBM DS3200 1726 Model HC8
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC7 IBM DS3300 1726 Model HC7
IBM DS3xxx 1726 Model HC4 IBM DS3400 1726 Model HC4
IBM DS3xxx 1727 Model HC1 IBM EXP3000 1727 Model HC1

IBM DS 4000 Storage Products
IBM DS4000 Platform IBM DS4000 Description
IBM DS4xxx 1740 Model 1RU IBM DS4000/EXP700 1740 Model 1RU
IBM DS4xxx 1740 Model 1RX IBM DS4000/EXP700 1740 Model 1RX
IBM DS4xxx 1740 Model 71J IBM DS4000/EXP700 1740 Model 71J
IBM DS4xxx 1740 Model 710 IBM DS4000/EXP700 1740 Model 710
IBM DS4xxx 1724 Model 100 IBM DS4100 1724 Model 100
IBM DS4xxx 1814 Model 7VA IBM DS4200 1814 Model 7VA
IBM DS4xxx 1722 Model 6LU IBM DS4300 1722 Model 6LU
IBM DS4xxx 1722 Model 60U IBM DS4300 1722 Model 60U
IBM DS4xxx 1742 Model 1RU IBM DS4400 1742 Model 1RU
IBM DS4xxx 1742 Model 90U IBM DS4500 1742 Model 90U
IBM DS4xxx 1814 Model 70A IBM DS4700 1814 Model 70A
IBM DS4xxx 1814 Model 70S IBM DS4700 1814 Model 70S
IBM DS4xxx 1814 Model 72A IBM DS4700 1814 Model 72A
IBM DS4xxx 1814 Model 72S IBM DS4700 1814 Model 72S
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 80A IBM DS4800 1815 Model 80A
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 82A IBM DS4800 1815 Model 82A
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 82H IBM DS4800 1815 Model 82H
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 84A IBM DS4800 1815 Model 84A
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 84H IBM DS4800 1815 Model 84H
IBM DS4xxx 1815 Model 88A IBM DS4800 1815 Model 88A

IBM DS 5000 Storage Products
IBM DS5000 Platform IBM DS5000 Description
IBM DS5xxx 1818 Model 51A IBM DS5100 1818 Model 51A
IBM DS5xxx 1814 Model 20A IBM DS5020 1814 Model 20A
IBM DS5xxx 1818 Model 53A IBM DS5300 1818 Model 53A
IBM DS5xxx 1818 Model D1A IBM EXP5000 1818 Model D1A

IBM DS 6000 Storage Products
IBM DS6000 Platform IBM DS6000 Description
IBM DS6xxx 1750 Model 511 IBM DS6800 1750 Model 511
IBM DS6xxx 1750 Model 522 IBM DS6800 1750 Model 522
IBM DS6xxx 1750 Model EX1 IBM DS6800 1750 Model EX1
IBM DS6xxx 1750 Model EX2 IBM DS6800 1750 Model EX2