Irvine, CA – October 26, 2016 – Quest International, a leading supplier of on-site support and depot maintenance of Information Technology (IT) hardware products, Operating System (OS) support, and a wide variety of professional and managed services — is now offering warranty extensions and hardware maintenance for EMC equipment. Quest International enables users of EMC IT hardware to maximize their Return on Investment by lowering the cost of ownership with a EMC extended warranty. With Quest, you can extend the service life of your hardware with a EMC warranty extension or maintenance contract — and achieve substantial savings over the EMC’s extended warranty contract.

EMC Warranty Value Add
Quest International provides an end-to-end life-cycle solution for all your EMC hardware warranty needs. As an Authorized EMC Technology Partner, Quest can assist in the selection, deployment, service and maintenance (both in and out-of-warranty) as well as provide end-of-life services to continue support until you are ready to refresh your EMC hardware environment.

Supported EMC Hardware

Clariion Celerra Symmetrix VNX Data
CX200 NS20 DMX800 VNXE3100 DD140
CX300 NS40 DMX1000 VNXE3150 DD160
CX400 NS80 DMX2000 VNXE3300 DD610
CX500 NS350 DMX3000 VNX5100 DD620
CX600 NS500 DMX-3 VNX5300 DD630
CX700 NS600 DMX-4 DD640
CX3 NS700 DD660
CX3-10 NS-120 DD670
CX3-20 NS-240 DD690
CX3-40 NS-480 DD860
CX3-80 NS-960 DD880
CX4 NX4 DD890
CX4-120 DD990
CX4-240 DDX Array
CX4-480 Global Dedup Array
CX4-960 Archiver Appliance

 *Not all supported hardware types are listed