Solving Your Warranty Woes

Today, many customers face the challenge of managing their various IT assets. Service interruptions can be a serious issue, if warranties or extended service agreements are not renewed on time, customers can face extended outages and difficulty getting service providers to respond to their inquiries in a timely manner.

Additionally, it’s common for many organizations to have a mixed environment of IT assets. These assets may be from many vendors across many platforms, which results in many points of contact and support sites that need to be managed.

Quest is pleased to introduce QuestCare, a simple solution for organizations to manage and receive service on any IT asset with existing warranty entitlement from their respective Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

questnet_300x266QuestCare also provides options for customers to receive “Quest Uplifted” service levels that go beyond the basic OEM offerings. This extended service provides customers access to Quest’s centralized 800 number or QuestNet, Quest’s service and asset management portal, for simplified service management.

Simplify Your Services

Customers who have an existing service agreement with Quest for any IT assets can request one of two options on systems with pre-existing warranty entitlement during years one through three:

Warranty Management Services1

Quest takes over managing your existing warranty entitlements at no cost, by taking first call and managing warranty service delivery through call closure.

If you’ve ever spent more than twenty minutes on hold waiting for your OEM provider during a service call on warranty issues, then let us manage the call. With Quest’s Warranty Management Services, Quest will make the service call for you at no additional cost, greatly simplifying the service process.

Warranty Uplift Services2

For a nominal fee, Quest will use its field services team and nationwide parts pool to expedite the resolution of any incident.

You get what you pay for! Stop hassling with Customer Self Repair programs, long hold times and error log submission and validation. With QuestCare Warranty Uplift Services, you will bypass all prerequisites and receive entitlement on your IT assets immediately. With a QuestCare Warranty Uplift, our field service technicians will arrive at your location with parts in hand to make the repair for you so you can focus on more important things. QuestCare can save you valuable time and get your equipment running in hours instead of days.


1OEM service guidelines and restrictions still apply. Quest may choose to add management fees given contract values.
2Quest Warranty Uplift Services offered on specific OEM systems only, please contact Quest for additional details.
3CSR – If during the diagnosis period, OEM identifies that the repair can be accomplished by the use of a CSR part, OEM will ship that part directly to you for replacement. There are two categories of CSR parts: (1) Parts for which customer self repair is mandatory. If you request OEM to replace these parts, you will be charged for the travel and labor costs of this service and (2) parts for which customer self repair is optional. These parts are also designed for customer self repair. If, however, you require that OEM replace them for you, this may be done at no additional charge under the type of warranty service designated for your product. 

Based on availability and where geography permits, CSR parts will be shipped for next business day delivery. Same-day or four-hour delivery may be offered at an additional charge where geography permits. If assistance is required, you can call the OEM Technical Support Center and a technician will help you over the phone. OEM specifies in the materials shipped with a replacement CSR part whether a defective part must be returned to OEM. In cases where it is required to return the defective part to OEM, you must ship the defective part back to OEM within a defined period of time, normally five (5) business days. The defective part must be returned with the associated documentation in the provided shipping material. Failure to return the defective part may result in OEM billing you for the replacement. With a customer self repair, OEM will pay all shipping and part return costs and determine the courier/carrier to be used.