Surgical LCDs must perform in the harsh and hectic environments of surgical suites, operating rooms, and endo suites. These displays repeatedly endure considerable abuse and rough treatment. Their battle scars consist of scratches, nicks, cracks and other cosmetic blemishes, yet they continue to perform their duties. While there may be years of service remaining in these LCDs, their worn exteriors often make viewing images on them a challenge.

Quest International has developed a service program to refresh these LCD monitors with new protective panels, giving them a clean, scratch-free face lift. Quest can provide a 2-day turnaround on performing this refresher service, and these service rates are a fraction of the cost of a new or refurbished LCD.

Contact Quest today and put a fresh face on your surgical displays.


* Price shown is for a replacement filter panel on standard 19″-21″ displays, other sizes will vary. Actual service price will be determined upon evaluation of the item’s condition and the parts and service required. * This information is subject to change at any time.