Ultrasound Service & Repair

Since 1982, Quest has been repairing medical displays and peripherals — with extensive experience in ultrasound. While our typical repairs involve ultrasound displays, we can also service video processors, power supplies, and other necessary components.

Key Products Serviced
• Medical CRT and LCD Displays
• Surgical and Endoscopic Displays
• Video Processing Controllers
• Medical VCRs/DVRs
• Power Generators
• Medical Printers
• Film Digitizers

Repair Process
Quest’s repair process includes a thorough evaluation and repair of LCD / CRT displays, power supplies, and other crucial components. Quest is driven to exceed the original manufacturer specifications.

Expert Technicians
Quest’s expert service technicians are trained in all aspects of imaging device repair, and upgrades—with experience in both current and legacy systems.

Quick Turnaround Time
Quest is known for providing quick turnaround time on service and repairs, with convenient hot swap replacements.

Quest International specializes in ultrasound equipment repairs for: